Hello, those of you still with us! Today I have for you not a prose post but some news. To start the new year right, I will begin with the good.

In light of this continuing hiatus, this webcomic is going to undergo some changes in the near future. We are bringing in a separate artist for layout and line work! Hollulu will continue to work her wonderful magic as our colorist and page finalizer. I will introduce the new addition when we resume work, but so far everyone is happy with this arrangement and I’m quite excited to see it in action!

However, this shift in workflow and addition of a new member means we have a lot of adjustment in store; Hollulu and I need to approach our work differently, our new team member needs to learn the material and try their hand at it, and we all need to get this cooperation thing down again. As always, it’s a work in progress.

I can’t tell you when we’ll be back online again except to say we’re now one huge step closer to that point than we were this time last month. Thank you for your continued patience, ye who have not yet exhausted it, and I hope you’ll stick around just a little while longer.