Those of you still following may have noted February 1st did not get a prose update. I’m going to shed a little light on my process behind them and current plans moving forward.

The last prose update was intended to be the start of a short series all following the same group of people. I’d hoped that this could present two stories in one; the monthly prose updates following one group as the webcomic followed another. While this group isn’t necessarily important, or to be more precise, won’t be important until far in the future, I thought it might be a nice diversion. However, with the comic currently suspended due to internal workflow overhauls, I didn’t want this series getting too far ahead. To that end, I’m also suspending prose updates until a time the comic may resume; I’m currently estimating this to be around April, but could be as late as June. I’ll have an update to that effect around the start of Spring.

That update will also come with a piece of prose as a sort of stopgap, one that’s much more important regarding the future of this webcomic’s story; it’ll introduce a few elements for people following along to keep an eye out for. The first prose update resuming the series starting in December with ‘Putting On A Show’ will come when the comic finally resumes.

For those still here, thank you for your continued patience.