It’s been quite some time before I made an update to what’s going on here. Being honest, I was afraid to, because I got to a point I didn’t feel like I could keep any promise I’d make. I wish I could say that there was tons of stuff going behind the scenes, but what we had going on self-evidently wasn’t enough. If I had as much as I’d liked, we would have restarted updates at the start of summer, or even the start of last winter. It’s precisely this fact that has led me to this rather strange announcement now.

I’ve received several messages of interest and encouragement from a couple different vectors during this absence of content. It’s no understatement to say they’ve meant everything to me; knowing people were still interested in this story gave me everything I needed to make sure it could still be told. It has become obvious to me, however, that if I want this story to be told, it will have to be on my terms and my terms alone. Since I have little artistic talent, this brings me to some news I’m sure will disappoint most of you here. To those it does; I’m sorry I’ve let you down, and am unable to continue this story in a manner you’d appreciate.

Breach will be reworked as a web-novel, more or less (and I have no idea what I’m going to do about the URL yet). During September I’m going to be working on a big chunk of text that’ll be the first chapter, covering some material you’ve already seen, and some that you haven’t yet, including a full scene dedicated to the events of the one-page prologue we launched with. The comic’s current run and all the auxiliary prose will be taken down, though most of that prose content will find its way back into the story at other points, and one other page of Hollulu’s brilliant artwork will find its way back into canon status. Our story will still follow all the characters you’ve seen, and some new faces as well.

On that note, I have an exciting wrinkle to introduce; it is my hope those pages will be joined by others as this project continues! As I said previously, we have another artist who is interested in doing work for this project. I plan on uploading his pages as he completes them, and I would welcome any other artist interested in contributing comic pages to contact me. If this project ever starts bringing in money, I’d like to be able to divert an appropriate amount to any contributing artists. It is my hope that by the time the first book is finished, we may have a wonderful patchwork of comic pages in many artists’ styles to tell another form of the story through.

My current plan is to dump a chapter’s worth by the end of September, then try to do one 2-3k word scene per week after that. I’ll also need to reconfigure the site for the new format, and figure out what I’m going to do with our current assets. I plan on leaving the currently displayed content up as long as possible.

Please leave me any comments or opinions on this new format. I’m sorry I’m unable to continue this in the form we had initially promised, but I hope that you’ll enjoy the story’s relaunch and follow it going forward.