A spellwright, a spy, and an exile try to unravel tangled webs of intrigue. Ancient alliances bow under the weight of continent-spanning politics, while the players of the mortal sphere are merely pawns in conflict among the divine. Those who look may dig too deep, and a scant few will like what they find. Join these three souls as they navigate the twisted paths of power, and find themselves in places and circumstances beyond imagination.


Hail Adventurers! Breach is a fantasy webcomic written by Scrirei and illustrated by Hollulu.

Join us once a week, usually late PST Tuesday, for new pages, and the first of every month for new prose!

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We have many plans in store for Breach and we hope you’ll join us on our journey!


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About the Writer, Scrirei:

A. “Scrirei” Curtis is a self-taught writer and lover of stories in all the forms they may take. She would drown herself in books if she could, but since that isn’t possible, she also immerses herself in nature, languages, and history

Scrirei’s Twitter | Email: scrirei@gmail.com



About the Artist, Hollulu:

M. “Holly” Grover, or Hollulu, hails from Southern California and is a self-taught freelance artist creating various illustrations and graphic design work for clients such as IDW Publishing, For Fans by Fans, and conventions across the country. She loves sparkles, medieval fantasy, nature, monsters, and playing with color! ✨

Twitter | ArtStation | Email: meekcheep@gmail.com